Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pain and Behavior

So David has been doing pretty well during his suspension. Unfortunately he had to spend the day with me at the hospital because they decided to my surgery immediately because I was having a lot more pain than last week. Dave came up from work and while we waited David did really well doing his homework.

When we got home David was really spun up and running all over the place. He really needed to unwind from a hectic day. The storm was heading in fast so he didn't have much time to play outside. Today he got to play outside more and got the rest of his homework done (which he did not want to do and was really defiant about it). Also while he was outside he started hitting the chickens with a stick so we had to bring him back inside. I know that he really needs to be outside but we couldn't let him with his behavior. He is doing a lot better tonight and starting to fall asleep on my leg as I am typing this. I really hope he behaves at school tomorrow because he really needs to be at school and not suspended again.

As for my surgery it went well. They found that I had a 2.5cm swollen lymph node that they removed. So I didn't have a hernia after all so I should have a faster recovery from this. No more pain going down my leg which is great! Now there is just pain at the incision site and that should be gone in a week hopefully.

I am just praying that the rest of the week goes well.

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